Spring Open Service: During our Standard Opening we remove winter plugs and cover, replace all ladders, dive boards, eyeballs, equalizer grates, and any other pool equipment needed for opening. We will start your system and add chemicals (extra charge) if needed. Aquatech will brush or vacuum the walls or floor if necessary. Get your season started the right way; With an AQUATECH Opening.

Winterizing: Aquatech will provide your facility with standard closing and winterizing. We lower the water, and remove all equipment necessary. We will winterize the lines and equipment, as well as adding the antifreeze at no charge. If your pool has a winter cover we will also install that. Winterizing is extremely important. If winterizing is not done properly, it could lead to big problems in the spring. Feel secure knowing that an Aquatech professional has winterized your pool.


Is your paint chipping or fading? It’s probably time for a paint job. We feel that the most vital element of the job is prepping your pool for the paint. We take every precaution to ensure your pool gets the best results possible. Aquatech will educate you on the different types of paint and what will work best for your pool.


During our Acid Wash Service, our goal is to make the inside of your pool look like it’s brand new. We drain your pool and give it a thorough acid wash and cleaning to get it ready for the season. We also install all the equipment to get it ready for startup. This particular service INCLUDES (if needed) spring start up at no extra fee.


Do you have leaking plumbing? Is it time for a new heater? Do you need new sand in the filter? Aquatech will repair your broken equipment, or install new equipment at very competitive rates. Depending on the service, we may be able to quote you right over the internet or phone. Some of the repairs and installs that we take care of are:
  • Tile
  • Heaters
  • Pumps & Motors
  • Filters
  • Lights
  • Decks/Concrete
  • Skimmers
  • Hand Rails & Ladders
  • Solar Reels
  • Plumbing
  • Fittings
  • And Many Others


Is it time for a new vinyl liner? We will come out and measure your pool to get the most accurate fit on a new liner for you. During Liner installation Aquatech will repair any minor damages to the pool floor. Liners are available in the standard 20 mil, or the more durable 27 mil thicknesses. We have many contemporary patterns to pick from to enhance your overall swimming experience. Does your water bag cover make the backyard look like a swamp for half of the year? Are you worried about the safety of your children or pets near the pool? Consider a new Coverlon Safety Cover. The Coverlon Cover was the first safety cover to feature double webbing. This means the webbing is stitched on both the top and under sides of the cover greatly increasing its strength. The webbing is sewn on with triple bonded threads and all perimeter intersections have a cross and box stitch for extra strength. The "trampoline style" cover is locked down by a unique spring and anchor system. The Coverlon Cover is also tamper proof; requiring a special installation tool to remove or install the cover. All in all, the purchase of a safety cover will enhance the safety of your pool area while the cover is in use. We have dealt with many different cover manufactures, but none have come close to the quality or durability of Coverlon. Call for an estimate today.

  • Permanent Impermeability - The PVC Pool Liners are specifically formulated and designed to provide an effective water containment membrane for use in any public pool application. Commercial pool liners have been successfully employed in pools constructed of concrete, steel, fiberglass and aluminum. This liner offers special electrical isolation benefits for problem aluminum pools and other metallic pools. Custom pool liners may also be used to line fountains, water features, or for site built potable water containment applications - virtually anywhere that water needs to be contained.

  • Durable, Flexible, Low Maintenance and Watertight - The PVC liner is the ideal surface for the interior lining of new or existing commercial, residential, or municipal pool structures. Constructed on-site of a 60 mil reinforced membrane of specially formulated PVC, the liner is textured to provide a nonabrasive, slip resistance surface. The Pool Shell liner is pore free for ease of maintenance and offers dependable water containment for deteriorated pools that are experiencing water loss. It offers remarkably cost effective options for new pool construction and is typically less expensive than conventional renovation options.


Are you losing more than a quarter inch of water a day? You’ll want Aquatech to come out and check for a leak. We are experienced in many different types of leaks, and will be meticulous in finding and fixing the leak for you. Leak detection is a very specialized service. We will provide the experience, equipment, and know-how to find the problem(s).


If you are a realtor or looking to purchase a home with a pool, we would be glad to do a pool inspection for you. We will pressure test the lines for you, as well as check all of the equipment and the pool structure. This is an invaluable service that will let you know exactly what shape the pool is in, and how much work it may need before a home purchase is made.

During our Instruction on Operation we teach you everything you will need to know about running your pool. This is great for anyone new to running a pool since they can be confusing. We will walk you through every aspect of the pool, as well as explain what every piece of equipment is and does. We will give you a handy guide since you may forget a few things along the way.

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