The first and foremost tip I can give to anyone is this; be PROACTIVE with your pool!! I am talking about the equipment, but mostly about the chemical balance in your pool. I can’t count the times I have heard about a pool that has gotten away from a customer, and it takes all season long to get it back. Here in Wisconsin, we only have three solid months to swim; a water balance problem can rob you of serious money, and serious swimming time.

Water Balance & Chemistry

Start the season by getting that water chemistry in balance!!

Here are the recommended levels for proper water balance:

Free Available Chlorine 1- 3 p.p.m.
Combined Chlorine 0 p.p.m.
Bromine 3 - 5 p.p.m.
PH 7.2-7.6
Total Alkalinity 80 - 120 p.p.m.
Calcium Hardness 250 p.p.m.
Cyanuric Acid 30 - 50 p.p.m.
Total Dissolved Solids <1500 p.p.m.
Iron <0.2 p.p.m.
Copper <0.2 p.p.m.

  • Your PH levels are extremely important. The PH will misconstrue other information if its levels are off. They work mostly hand-in-hand with the alkalinity, so if one is low the other is usually low as well. Also note that if you are using chlorine tabs to sanitize your pool, the PH levels will be lowered due to the high acidic level of the tabs.

  • Algae problems are aggravating. Algae are micro plants that enter your pool by rain, wind, dirty clothes, and fill water. The most common algae are green, black, yellow, and pink. The most affective way to combat algae is to beat it before it starts. Algae doesn't like chlorine at all, so make sure your free chlorine levels are high enough. Make sure to be faithful in your weekly maintenance. When maintaining, be sure to brush all the walls and floor. Also make sure to shock your pool once a week with different chlorine than the type you use to sanitize (example: shock with liquid if you sanitize with tabs). If you already have the algae problem take action immediately. Add Algaecides to the water, near the algae growth. When you vacuum your pool, vacuum to waste to bypass the the filter- not allowing the algae to settle into your sand or cartridge.

Questions and Solutions for Common Problems:

My Pool Has Low Water Flow.
  • Did you check the skimmer baskets and pump strainer for excess debris?
  • Did you backwash recently (backwash once the filter’s p.s.i. increases by more than 10)?
  • Did you try to re-prime the pump?
  • Is the water level high enough (1/2 way up the skimmer)?
  • When is the last time the sand in your filter was changed?
  • If you have a cartridge filter, have you washed the cartridges lately?
I Can’t Get Any Suction On My Vacuum.
  • Is the hose completely primed with water?
  • Are all the baskets clean?
  • If you have two or more skimmers, did you close off the skimmer(s) you are not vacuuming with?
  • Is the filter backwashed properly?
  • Did you shut the valve on your main drain while you vacuum?
My pump will not prime.
  • Is the water ½ way up the skimmer?
  • Is the strainer pot lid tight enough?
  • Is there water in strainer pot?
  • Is the on the strainer pot O-Ring cracked and/or damaged?
  • Is the valve closed in the piping system?
I am losing water.
  • Are there any cracks in your pool structure (concrete/fiberglass)?
  • Is there a hole or tear in your liner?
  • Are you losing water out of your backwash?
  • Do you lose more water with the pump running or when its off?
  • Do I have a possible underground pipe crack?
These are common issues with simple solutions. If these tips did not help the problem, there is probably a bigger issue at hand that we can help with. Please contact us at 414.704.5804 or via email at

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